Publicity in the UK Market

Since the 2004 tsunami, Sri Lanka Tourism has struggled to raise its head. The initial sympathy and good will was not harnessed and tourism arrivals fell in 2005, and 2006. The gradual breakdown of the cease fire agreement did not help the country's tourism arrivals. However, the tour operators and media in the UK have shown tremendous support. Building on the record £ 2.9m worth of positive publicity in 2006 spending under £ 15,000, Sri Lanka Tourism (with out a full time PR company) was able record the second best ever year for tourism from the UK. 2007 numbers were not back to the pre-tsnunami levels, but revenue increased.

Two reasons for this are :

a) support from over 25 UK based tour operators who pledged matching funds to create a £ 1m marketing fund.
b) support from the UK media to have over £ 2.3m in 2007, and about £ 1m already booked for 2008.

Whilst 2008 is not likely to exceed the 90,000 mark, the successes of the past 2 years, will ensure that a steady flow of traffic continues and that revenues continue to increase.