Farewell to Jean-Marc 23rd April 2008

Jean-Marc, Sue Biggs, Andrew Cooper, Sanjika Perera
Julie Graves, Frances Tuke, Jean-Marc Flambert, Sanjika Perera, Francis Torilla, Stephen Barnes, Susan Lamb
Nabeel Shariff, Sanjika Perera, Jean-Marc Flambert, Andrew Cooper, Sue Biggs, Sudantha Ganegamarachchi (Deputy High Commissioner, Sri Lanka High Commmission), Tom Nutley
Tom Nutley

Some of the leading tourism personalities gathered at the Sri Lanka High Commission to celebrate Sri Lanka, on St. George's Day.
Sue Biggs (former MD Kuoni), Andrew Cooper (Director General, FTO), Tom Nutley (President Reed / WTM and Chairman, PATA UK) spoke highlighting the impact Jean-Marc and the Sri Lanka Tourism office had over the last 3 years. Over 100 tour operators and media joined to celebrate Sri Lanka.