WTM 2007

The World Travel Fair is the largest activity undertaken by Sri Lanka Tourism. Spending close on £ 150,000, it is critical that good publicity is obtained pre-and post event. Sri Lanka has 247 sq metres of space, and over 100 industry professionals from Sri lanka attend. Visit http://www.wtmlondon.com/

2007 saw a departure from the norm with an open concept stand. The theme was based on nature, supporting the drive of making Sri Lanka an Earth Lung Destination. http://www.earthlung.travel/

The successes included :

a) Opening attended by the Director General IFTO / FTO, Chairman AITO,

b) Cover and 8 inner pages in the Selling Long Haul November 2007 edition

c) £ 50,000 worth of pre/post publicity
d) Over all agreement by the Sri Lankan industry that 2007 was the best WTM interms of business and over all organization on the part of Sri Lanka Tourism.